Rethinking insurance.

VENPACE develops digital business models for the insurance industry and invests in trailblazing ideas on the market. We support innovative solutions and help startup teams to grow.

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Our investors

What we do

Through our unique ecosystem, we rethink insurance. We implement and support digital business models with know-how and passion - either as strategic investor or as initiator.

Company Building

Together with our partners and investors, we identify the insurance industry’s challenges and chances of tomorrow, develop innovative business models and found them as startups from scratch.

Venture Investment

We look for passionate founding teams that create value through their creative ideas and digital solutions. Our investment sweet spot: pre-seed and seed.

About us

Investors from the insurance industry

Our investors are IDEAL Versicherung, PrismaLife, Provinzial and Vienna Insurance Group. Together, they represent a broad range of insurance expertise. This diversity allows us to see the bigger picture with regards to trends and current developments in the insurance landscape. This is our fuel for innovation.

Think tank & startup veterans

crossbuilders is responsible for company building from conceptualization to management of the venture. As seasoned company builder from Cologne, crossbuilders operates successfully with its sister companies crossventures and DvH Ventures and has conceptualized, developed and invested in many business models in the financial services industry. Our additional partners support us with regards to network, domain expertise and startup know-how.

Network partners


Together with these companies, we shape the insurance industry of tomorrow.


With its unique smart vision algorithm, ICO-LUX optimizes insurers’ fraud assessments in document processing. With the help of forensic picture analysis, it can detect and prevent fraud attempts in real time.







Ninebarc is an all-in-one solution for end-of-life planning and inheritance management. Users can create a legally effective inheritance plan within minutes: Planning of inheritance decisions, individual checklist with integrated support, document generation and storage, secure sharing with relatives, as well as contact management including role assignments.







Industry veterans

Dr. Walter Botermann and Prof. Dr. Torsten Oletzky are two heavy-weights in the German insurance landscape. Both of them have held high-ranking positions in insurance companies and are now able to share their knowledge and network. Ingo Küpper is the creative head of crossbuilders and looks back on his valuable experiences as digital founder and investor. Being a born challenger, he is the perfect sparring partner for validating new business models.

Digital experts

We collaborate with you! To get your idea started, our team is composed of venture developers, software engineers, UX designers, marketing experts and many more.

What we offer

We are more than a financial investor - VENPACE offers all resources that founders need to bring a promising idea to life.


Ideas and solutions meet concrete use cases and are developed together.


Direct connection to our investors and integration into our broad network.


Access to office spaces and our team comprised of developers, designers and UX and online marketing experts.


We support startups with initial investments of up to 500k € and aim to invest in future rounds as well.

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No matter if founder, investor or applicant - VENPACE is constantly looking for bright ideas, strong partners and new team members.